Hello! That's me. I'm an illustrator and designer, specialising in painting and line drawing.
After graduating from The Arts University Bournemouth, I took a gamble and flew a one-way ticket to Australia. Fast-forward to today and they still haven't kicked me out! In 2013 I started selling alternative greetings cards on Etsy, using my unique humour and drawing style. The business has continued growing and designs have sold all over the world.
I like to experiment and work across several mediums, but a love of drawing underlies everything I do. Line, layers and colour also characterise my work... and the occasional sarcastic joke. I love to get messy with traditional mediums such as gouache and ink, however in recent years have started producing work on digital platforms. Bringing traditional expertise onto the screen allows me to create modern and versatile artwork, which still exhibits handmade quirks.
I live and work in Melbourne, with a cat and assorted houseplants. I love long nature walks in the Australian country, and hope to see an echidna one day. In my spare time I drink coffee, listen to eighties music, and collect old Christmas jumpers.