Support Small Business
Personal Work
Shopping small makes a difference. A difference to the planet, and a difference to people's lives. According to Business Insider, the value of $1 to the average American is the equivalent of $88,000 to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. Jeff Bezos doesn't need your money. Artists need your money. We need make to rent.

But it's not just that. When you shop small, your purchase means something to the seller. Have you heard that phrase "when you shop from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance"? It's true! And they will use their earnings all sorts of ways - food, bills, other small business (we're in this together!). They know exactly who made their products. They know where their materials came from. And, oh yes - they PAY TAXES!
So when you purchase from an independent maker, you're not just supporting another human, you're supporting a community. Community is invaluable, because in a world undergoing climate change, we need to work together. I'm not sure shopping small will save the plant alone, but it brings us closer. And the world needs that right now. More than Jeff needs to go to the moon anyway.